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Intuition - Successfully evading IPU Cabal's NOOBS!

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GUILD: Intuition
MAIN Nation: Capella
(Although, we also accept Procyons so no need to cry... few people have their proc alts in guild. xD)
IPU CABAL Online, Guild recruitment status: ACTIVE 

Hey, those that want to join our newly formed guild of professional / experienced CABAL players, please go to this section ( ) and create a topic with your Application Info. You can find an example thread at the top.

If you get accepted, please PM one of the following players for an invitation:

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The Chatbox / Shoutbox is FIXED as of 16.09.2011.

Cursing, blasphemy, p0rn... EVERYTHING is ALLOWED!

It's on the website as of now, gonna integrate it on the forums aswell... in the upcoming week.

Sorry for the delay,
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The Chatbox (shoutbox) is currently OFFLINE, i will fix it this week.

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I am currently playing Vindictus (, so far so good... it's a nice game.

Too bad Nexon staff = rasists, so people outside of US / Canada have to play via proxies / other softwares, but no problem: i will post a guide soon how to play with a minimum lag.

Guild is active there, just search for Sanatorium and you'll get auto accepted (for now).

Have fun people,
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I modified our template to suit our needs.

I'm currently working on it's coding, and i will probably implement a chatbox on the main site and on the forum...

For more additions, PM me and i will see what i can do ^^

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This message is for the Guests of our website/forum.

I bring to your attention that you can't see the forum and some other important sections of the website if you aren't a registered member.

So if your hand doesn't hurt, please REGISTER.

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So, some changes regarding the website / forum:

*Main Website template changed.
*Forum template changed.
*Chatbox re-skinned to match BG color with website and messages were deleted.
*Old Poll closed, new one will open soon.

Have fun, 
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